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Disgaea: Fanon character
Kana アデリーン
Romaji Aderīn
AKA Miss Angel
Japanese Voice actor(s) Marina Inoue
English Voice actor(s) Carrie Savage
Age 1420 (DX)
1920 (DZ)
Height 5'8"
Weight 180lbs
Home Celestia
Race Angel
Class Angel Trainee (DX)
Archangel (DZ)

Adeline to her friends.







Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Disgaea XEdit

Disgaea ZEdit

In BattleEdit

Main article: Angel Trainee
Main article: Archangel

Other AppearancesEdit


Battle QuotesEdit


  • While most Angel names end with an el, hers stands in the middle of her name, AdELine.
  • Adeline never denies the fact that she started to like Damon in X.
    • Similarly in Z, she doesn't deny the fact they may have something going on.
  • Adeline was the only party member who showed hesitation at fighting Yahweh since he is the one she prays to.

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