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BalamSprite Balam
Disgaea: Fanon character
Kana バラム
Romaji Baramu
AKA Jester God
Japanese Voice actor(s)
English Voice actor(s)
Age Unknown
Height 35'0"
Weight 2000lbs
Home Unknown, Netherworld
Race Demon (Devourlord)
Class Soul Lord (DZ)

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In BattleEdit

Main article: Soul Lord

Although Balam secretly practiced with his body so he wouldn't rust away, he still lost some of his power. Being more of a ranged combatant, Balam uses diverse magic, using many combinations of spells to exploit his opponent's weaknesses. He can attack people even if he half-a-world away from them or even attack people in outer-space. Despite being a Devourlord, Balam opted to not use his soul-increase power. So far, his greatest feat had been dropping the Moon on the Earth as if it was a meteor.

He is fought at the end of Episode 7, on Chapter 9, standing at the level of 50. His HP is immense, followed by his intelligence and resistance, making him a Durable Wizard. His movement type is flying, being a monster-class unit.

His main evility is Mad Joker which lets him use Magic indefinitely and even regain SP. His equipment consists of...

Balam's Overload is Insania Infinita which increases his INT and RES by 70% and regenerates his SP by 15% per turn. Since it's used in a permanent fashion, it doesn't last for 3 turns. His skills are:

  • Circus of Death: .
  • Death Bal: .

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  • He is based off of Vice Cherubimon from the Digimon Series.
  • The theme that plays during Balam's climatic boss fight is "The Greatest Jubilee".
    • It probably is the only boss fight in the entire franchise to canonically take place in the Item World.