A soul being eaten by a Lord.

Devourlord (食い王 (デボアロード) Kuimaou lit. Deboarōdo) is the name and position given to certain Demons in the Netherworld. While it doesn't seem to possess any angelic counterpart, it is considered to be the Overlord's Right-Hand in some Netherworlds. They serve directly and only the Overlord, with their power being second only to them, making the Devourlords one of the most powerful demon titles out there.

Devourlords exist for the sole purpose of maintaining the flux of souls in a Netherworld and its Human World, meaning not all worlds possess this kind of demon. As confirmed by some Overlords, there exists only one Devourlord per Overlord in the universe. They are often compared to the Grim Reapers, despite possessing different functions. Unlike other demons, they can't exert their will to the others, being only capable of carrying out orders.



There is only one way to become a Devourlord, as shown in Disgaea Z, the Overlord must apoint a certain Demon who shall be submitted to a ritual in which many other demon souls join in the process of their reincarnation. The demon is soon reborn as a Devourlord, willing to carry out tasks while bearing some ressemblances to their past self and losing out their memory almost completely. The host for the Devourlord can either become one willingly or forced, as seen how some Overlords opt to beat their chosen one to an inch of their life.

There is said to be an alternate method to become a Devourlord is to defeat said holder of the title in battle and somehow be capable of absorbing their essence into themselves. Going down a route is quite risky as the one who attempts it may become uncontrollable and go on a rampage, devouring many souls on the process.

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  • Instead of being pronnounced normally as "Devour Lord", this term is actually pronnounced as "Devourlord" as in "Divorlord".
  • Devourlords are technically Demon Lords in terms of ranking.
  • Although the Devourlords gain powers by eating souls, the power-ups never are permanent.
  • It's unknown how the Devourlords are similar to or if they have any connection to the Grim Reapers.