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DioSprite1 Dio Monsoon
Disgaea: Fanon character
Kana ディオモンスーン
Romaji Dio Monsūn
AKA Mister President
Japanese Voice actor(s) .
English Voice actor(s) .
Age 3440 (DX)
3940 (DZ)
Height 8'0"
Weight 500lbs
Home Atropos, Netherworld
Race Demon (Death)
Class Council President


Dio Monsoon






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Disgaea XEdit

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In BattleEdit

Main article: Council President

Dio is shown to be very powerful on his own, being the current Grim Reaper while also holding the position of Netherworld's Second Strongest, rivalling the power of other Ovelords. ...

Dio is fought at the end of Episode 10, on Chapter 7, ...

His native evility is Grim Reaper which gives him a 5% stat increase per ally defeated. Dio carries...

Dio's Overload is Grim Champion, he uses his bare fists to fight, getting an enhancement in his ATK, DEF & SPD stats of 60%, staying active for 4 turns. His unique skills being:

  • Last Turbulence: "Keep your seat belt, we are entering turbulence zone..."
  • Keeper of Abyss: "Don't gaze too much into the abyss."
  • Death: "People don't fear death...Death is fear itself!"

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  • Dio is italian for God, ironic as the character is Death itself, while Monsoon is a seasonal reversing wind, alluding to Dio's wind powers.
  • Dio's design is that of a typical Death from the series itself.
  • When fought as the game's supposed Final Boss, the theme which plays for Dio is "It Has To Be This Way!"