Disgaea: Fanon character
Kana ラヴィ
Romaji Ravu~i
AKA Boss
Japanese Voice actor(s) Katsuyuki Konishi
English Voice actor(s) Todd Haberkorn
Age 1742
Height 180cm
Weight 71kg
Home Netherworld
Race Demon (Ogre)
Class Demon Boss
Ravi is the main protagonist of Disgaea: Blaze of the Sun. He is a Demon Boss, a demon who has control over a territory in the Netherworld.


Ravi is a slim, and muscular young man. He has gold spiky hair with red highlights and tailing, dark skin, and red eyes. Due to his Ogre heritage, he also has two horns protruding from his forehead. He wears an open dark red jacket, no undershirt, black spiked fingerless gloves, black pants, and gray boots.


Ravi has a mischievous, sarcastic side to him, and loves to fight. He is also a friendly demon, with a kind and honorable side, who hates dishonorable conduct. He also has a bit of lecherous side, being attracted to Diana's chest and asking her out on the spot. Ravi believes in camaraderie and teamwork, and doesn't care whether his allies are demons, angels, or humans.  


Ravi spent his youth as the adopted son of the former Demon Boss who reigned over his current territory before Ravi's eventual take over.

He, and his second in command Gunju, would eventually meet Peter Silva, a Holy Knight in training who issued a challenge to the demon ruling the territory, which happened to be Ravi. Due to his poor combat skill, Peter would lose, and Ravi declares Peter his friend (or in the knight's eyes, unwilling slave).


Possessing super strength, Ravi is very proficient in hand to hand combat. He can also wield swords, guns, and spears, thanks to his predecessor's training.