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Tropes pertaining to Yahweh.


Above Good and Evil: Essentially, Yahweh holds no malice or benevolence in his actions or words.

Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Can alter his size at will, going from an average height of a human's to the size of an universe.

Bonus Boss: Is the Post-Game's secret final boss, fought only if certain requirements are met.

Cosmic Entity: Is the creator of Reality and yet doesn't care much about what happens in it.

  • God: Having created all of existance and most of its concepts, he is indeed THE God.
  • Physical God: Yahweh doesn't only have reality-warping powers, his physical prowess tops any other entity's.
  • Top God: There are other known Gods in the Universe, however, Yahweh is something above even them and all of existance.

Dimension Lord: Subverted, doesn't rule Reality with an iron fist, but doesn't tolerate anyone breaking the rules.

The Dreaded: People not only respect but fear God.

Deity of Human Origin: Implied, he wonders if he is the result of people having faith in a non-existant God in a past version of Reality.

Destroyer Deity: Destroys reality when its time expires, not out of malice but out of duty.

Eldritch Abomination: Some demons say God is just as scary, if not scarier, than Baal.

Greater Scope Villain: Subverted, he is not a Villain, but certainly is part of a greater scope.


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